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New Arrival

We are pleased to announce the publication of:

Donald Olsen:
Architect of Habitable Abstractions
by Pierluigi Serraino, with an introduction by John Winter

The purist houses of Donald Olsen stand out as remarkably durable achievements among the post-war architectural heritage of the San Francisco Bay Area. Inspired by the curriculum that Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer brought from Germany's Bauhaus to Harvard's Graduate School of Design, Olsen's designs were deeply rooted in the Modern Movement of 20th century Europe, and the architect remained committed to this aesthetic all his life. Olsen's allegiance to these ideals drove his personal and professional itinerary, and sustained him as both an architect and an educator at the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley. Richly illustrated with drawings, plans, and photographs, this book fully documents these little known examples of high modernism in Northern California.


New Titles

History's Anteroom
Photography in San Francisco, 1906-1909
by Rodger C. Birt, with Photographic Descriptions by Marvin R. Nathan

History's Anteroom is a collection of vintage photographs made in San Francisco during the years 1906-1909--from the morning of April 18th when the earthquake began its devastating progress through the San Francisco Bay Area, until the Portola Festival of October 1909, a celebration of survival and regional rebirth. By providing vivid descriptions and historical context, Birt and Nathan bring these years to life and allow us to view this moment in San Francisco's history as ever before.

11" x 8.75" paper,  267 pp.,  pub. date August 2011;

California Houses of Gordon Drake

by Douglas Baylis and Joan Parry
with a new introduction by Pierluigi Serraino

In his prolific, but tragically brief career, Gordon Drake significantly influenced and inspired the direction of post-World War II residential architecture. Working almost exclusively from the west coast, he created a new architecture embraced by post-war middle class America without abandoning any of the rigor of Modernism.

8.75" x 8.75", cloth, 107 pp., pub date February 2011

Horizontal Skyscraper
by Steven Holl

Richly illustrated with photographs, drawings, and water colors, this book documents the design and construction of Steven Holl's most ambitious project to date. Commissioned as the headquarters for China's largest real estate holding company, the Vanke Center became that country's first LEED platinum building and is a culminating expression of Holl's quest to realize super green, hybrid buildings that combine living, working, cultural, and commercial programs while also creating and preserving public urban spaces. "The Vanke Center is a surreal hybrid--part building, part landscape, part infrastructure," wrote Nicolai Ourroussoff, "It demonstrates what can happen when talented architects are allowed to practice their craft uninhibited by creative restrictions."

7" x 10.75" paper, 144 pp., pub. date December 1, 2011

Body, Dwelling, Mind
by Sarah Robinson

Increasingly, technology seems to be de-materializing our world. Yet our ideas and experiences--both physical and cultural--remain fundamentally patterned by the complex material interplay of brain, body, and world. With support from pioneering research in the cognitive and neurosciences, Sarah Robinson combines philosophy, poetry, and personal narrative to offer a poignant study of the many ways in which our built environment shapes us as significantly as we have shaped it.

5" x 7" paper, 190 pp., pub. date December 1, 2011

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