Growing Urban Habitats
Seeking A New Housing Development Model

William R. Morrish, Susanne Schindler,
Katie Swenson

"An exemplary collection of built and unbuilt projects diverse in character, geography and demographics."
        John Hill- A Weekly Dose of Architecture

Based on the goals of Urban Habitats, a design competition held in 2005 by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Charlottesville and the Charlottesville Community Design Center for the redevelopment of a local trailer park, Growing Urban Habitats frames sixteen design opportunities for affordable, dense, compact and sustainable housing.

Paying particular attention to the role of language —"housing", for instance had taken on a negative connotation in North America, frequently paired with "affordable" or "multifamily" — the authors challenge the biases and long-standing preconceptions now embedded in the language we use. Growing Urban Habitats rephrases questions and renames issues and by doing so, reveals opportunities for housing design that is respectful of the current residents and sustainable for generations to come.

Included are case studies selected from the Urban Habitats proposals and contemporary work by designers such as Anderson Anderson, Koning Eizenberg, Onion Flats, and Zoka Zola.

William R. Morrish is the dean of the School of Constructed Environments at the New School.

Susanne Schindler is an architect and writer based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Katie Swenson is a designer & director of the Frederick P. Rose Architecural Fellowship.

8.5" x 11" paper, 160 pp., 2009;